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    Winning isn't just a part of our game. It's our lifestyle.

    Striving For Greatness

    The basketball program at Bristol Preparatory is set up to promote improvement and achievement. We currently offer a Post Graduate Program for student athletes to improve academically, athletically, and socially. Graduated seniors looking to continue their playing careers and increase opportunities to earn a college scholarship, are eligible to participate in the Post Graduate Program. Transfers looking to earn additional credits are also eligible for the program.

    If you have graduated high school and your goal is to play college basketball, but you weren't able to because of academics or lack of resources, Bristol Preparatory can help. If you have graduated high school and have received offers to play in college but feel you could have earned offers from Division 1 Schools, Bristol Preparatory may be a good fit for you. If you were heavily recruited in high school and have thought about playing professionally after college, Bristol Preparatory is here for you.

    At Bristol Prep, you will learn the skills necessary to achieve success in college. Students will enroll in NCAA approved courses and be monitored closely. Education will be of important value long after your playing days are over. We take academics seriously and encourage students to give their best effort in the classroom.

    Gaining Elite Exposure

    The basketball program offers the opportunity to improve your skills. We will have 30 roster spots for our Orange and White teams. We will play a competitive 25 game schedule against other Prep, Post Graduate, College JV, and 2 year schools. We will also play in tournaments in which college coaches and recruiters will be in attendance. Practice and training at Bristol Preparatory will push you to your limits. The effort you give will be expected, not demanded. On most days there will be four basketball sessions: 1. Practice 2. Skill Development 3. Strength and Conditioning 4. Speed and Agility. Nutrition will also be a big part of your development to achieve maximum performance.

    We are looking for committed students that understand that this is an investment in their future. Bristol Prep can provide you with the tools necessary to be successful in life. At Bristol Preparatory School you have no choice but to be great.

  • Meet Our Administration

    Our team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication. Our team works hard to ensure success on and off the court. From basketball to the classroom, our staff is committed to supporting our students to prepare them for a bright future.

    Patrick T. Grayson

    President & Co-Founder

    Robert G. Puckett

    Vice President & Co-Founder

    Steven Wee

    Business Manager & Partner

    William Ratliff

    General Partner / Co-Head Coach

    Adrian Sensabaugh

    Co-Head Coach

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  • Application

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    2018-19 Application
    Application Processing Fee

    $100 non-refundable fee. Credit/Debit required for payment.

    *Paying this $100 non-refundable fee does not guarantee acceptance to Bristol Preparatory Academy. Once Payment is received a Bristol Prep coach will contact you to fill out the application.

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  • Now Accepting Applications 2018-19

    We always strive to be the best.


    Graduation Requirements:

    Bristol Prep partners with Virginia Highlands Community College. It also offers a variety of online classes. Virginia Highlands is NCAA approved and accredited .

    NCAA Approved Core Courses

    Please note the following guidelines regarding NCAA enrollments:

    1. Students must be enrolled in the course(s) for at lease 8 weeks. The student must have classroom instruction for a minimum of 8 weeks.
    2. The NCAA reserves the right to refuse any course taken at any online school. It is the student's responsibility to make certain of transferability.
    3. Students should visit https://web1.ncaa.org/hsportal/exec/hsAction (school code 110-254) to view eligible online courses.
    4. If a student is currently enrolled at another school, the student will need to be enrolled as credit recovery with the proper forms and signatures.
    5. Division I Requirements
    The applicant can only take one course post graduation if they are attending a NCAA Division I School.
    The applicant can take up to 3 courses if they have a documented disability. The folder must include the NCAA permission letter before a student will be enrolled in courses.
    6. Division II Requirements
    Applicants are allowed to take as many courses as needed.


    Bristol Prep Academy Application Checklist

    All documents must be submitted in English!

    Please pay non-refundable fee to receive an online application via e-mail.


    Required Information:

    • Application
    • Copy of Passport or U.S Birth Certificate or Resident Alien Card
    • Medical Records
    • Education Forms
    • Official School Transcript, including most recent grade report. Applicants to high school (grades 9-12) or the Post-Graduate Program must submit all secondary school records. International students must see next page.
    • Transcript Evaluation Form (Required of applicants from non-U.S. schools; additional fees will apply if you do not bring the evaluation form.

    Application Processing Fee

    $100 non-refundable fee may be paid to Bristol Prep via credit/debit card.



    We enroll a limited number of students annually from a pool of qualified applicants, so we encourage all interested student-athletes to submit an application as early as possible. All application materials must be received by the below deadline dates, before receiving a decision notification. Notifications are sent one week after interview by email.

    Regular Decision Application Deadlines are as follows: February 1, 2018 –June 1, 2018 Completed applications received after June 1, 2018 will be reviewed on a weekly basis depending on space availability.

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